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Memory Meal / Eating to Archive is a collaboration between Mireia Ludevid and Gaia Crocella to inform Mireia’s doctorate on the politics of visual archives.Eating to archive is a performative meal in which an installation of objects, photographs and food offers the opportunity to exchange and reencounter history and family memories.

Structured around three menus, the space of the meal is an offering and an invitation. In this exchange, Gaia and Mireia positioned themselves as hosts and archivists to open the discoursive power of the archive. Performative gestures such as rubbing tomatoon bread, pouring water in a vase, piling and reshuffling almonds in changing structures, and placing photographs amongst family objects and food shared the activation of Mireia’s family archive to invite vulnerable participation.

Directed through three menus and three questions, the hosts asked family members to share their intersecting and divergent memories about the history of their flooded town, Faio and its entanglement with the family history. Throughout three moments - through earth and territory, river and almonds - and around the table, we sought to invite a reemergence of stories and memories and generate a new or different engagement with the past, based on curiosity and recognition rather than authority.

Exploring family memories and hegemonic politics through food

Barcelona, Spain 

Gaia Crocella, Mireia Ludevid Llop

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