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Fritto Misto designed and hosted the performative meal to accompany the Making Future’s book launch and the Seminar on ‘Ethics of Care’ by Gilly Karjevsky and Rosario Talevi.

Making Futures is an experimental book bringing together the experiences and learnings of a two-year action-research project initiated by Raumlabour and the Berlin University of the Arts. The launch was hosted in collaboration with Public Works and R-Urban, a communal space for the circular economy in Poplar. Informed by the content of the book, the feast asksed its participants to interact with the food while reflecting upon the key questions raised by the book: what role architecture might play in the twenty-first century? What possibilities arise when we view architecture as a form of agency rather than as a collection of objects? What spatial dynamics emerge when we turn our practices away from the dictates of the neoliberal era with its obsession with growth and skimming off profit? Accompanied by the book readings, we sought ways to answer these questions together, around the table. 

The book launch was designed as a constellation of disassembled and deconstructed objects that are yet to be explored, assembled and recomposed to test new possible narratives. Viewing hospitality as a spatial practice and a call to collective action, Fritto Misto asked participants to subvert the relationship between guest and host and in this process it gave a different political and social meaning to the act of hospitality, where guests open themselves to the foreigner, the stranger, the outsider, becoming themselves the host. With this meal Fritto Misto asked participants to reflect on their own agency as simultaneous guests and hosts of this landscape of possibilities.


“We find the sense of making futures by weaving a dialogue that privileges an ontology of the process, one that is fluid between definitions, one that has more eyes than dreams and more hands than plans. This is the sense”

Mara Osai

Making Futures book launch

R-Urban, Poplar, London, UK

R-Urban, Public Works, Making Futures

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