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The Forest Assembly was a celebratory discursive dinner hosted to share the worked carried out by The Forest School and explore possibilities for its growing network and future collaborations. The Forest School is a platform and net-work operating across CSM exploring the Forest as a prism through which we can understand the causes and implications of climate and ecological emergency.

Throughout the Assembly, three provocations accompanied each course of dinner, these gave guests food for thought and material to discuss, whilst they engaged with the curated edible land- scapes. The evening was multi-sensorial and encouraged collaboration between guests, aided by tools created by designers and makers.To make this happen, Fritto Misto collaborated with a multidisciplinary team of CSM staff members working as artists, spatial practitioners, designers, curators and makers to design and curate the space as the dramaturgy for the evening. The meal featured a number of artefacts forming the food-scape and evoking  the values guiding the Forest School, capturing the imagination of each participant through sensorial stimulation.

The immersive event was designed to be a fertile ground to prototype future collaborations. The Forest School Assembly established new dialogues over a collective, choreographed meal that drew together knowledge from artists, spatial practitioners, designers, curators and cooks to foster collective thinking about the future of the Forest School, its ethos and presence.

Exploring fertile grounds for the Forest School’s future collaborations across Central Saint Martins.

Lethaby Gallery, Granary Square, London, UK

The Forest School 
CSM staff

Creativity in Action Fund, UAL 

Ece Tan, Rachel Mandley, Saffie Pluck, Joe Mercer. Marius Munteanu, Holly Le-Var, Victoria King, Andreas Lang, Mia Cormac, Jamie Johnson, Henri T, Cameron Bray, Heather Barnett, Judith Van den Boom, Catalina Mejía Moreno.