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Forest Bed is a meal that was hosted as the ending event and culmination of the exhibition Constructive Land, a research project hosted by the Forest School, at the Lethaby Gallery. The exhibition was an interrogation of the forest, examining the future of the British landscape in the context of the climate crisis.

Fritto Misto was invited to bring to life an immersive, edible, Forest Bed to convey the growing concern for our forests within art and design education. Constructive Land was led by Material Cultures, Central Saint Martins. Supported by Forestry England and Dalby Forest. Funded by the SOM Foundation, Vastern Timber and the Forestry Commission’s Woods into Management Forestry Innovation Fund.

The meal re-enacted an edible Forest Bed with which guests were invited to engage physically and intuitively with forest food, guided by their senses and by their intuition.  

“We are facing a climate and biodiversity emergency. In order to move forward into a decarbonised built environment, we need to radically rethink the way we relate to our natural resources.”

Forest School

Radically rething the way we relate to our natural resources.

Lethaby Gallery, Granary Square, London, UK  

Forest School

Forest School, Lethay Gallery, 
CSM March Architectur