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Floating Ideas for Change was a small event and prototype for action on Belmonte beach and water. It reclaimed the existing public space and hacked traditional and local food business models. This was to test a methodology to generate economic revenue directed towards local and international projects which connect to crossings in ethical and practical terms.

For the event taking place in Belmonte Calabro, Fritto Misto tested a collaboration with Pescheria Il Faro to produce a "fritto on water", using the Tranguilla as a floating shared table to serve food and acting as a central stage for discussion. Equipped with "carta-oleata" Fritto Misto created a ‘cuoppo- archive’ of practices and ideas. While eating, the ‘cuoppo-archive’ allowed diners to explore and take-home mappings of practices, projects and words which connect and relate us to one another.

Fritto served at sunset, accompanied by a presentation and performance by the shore and immersed in sea water. Buckets of fritto for guests - each with its own story - surrounded a central informal stage on the beach where Fritto Misto presentations, readings and collective discussion took place, generating and exploring floating ideas for change. 

Fritto on water to generate and explore ideas for change.

Belmonte, Calabria, Italy 

La Rivoluzione Delle Seppie

La Rivoluzione Delle Seppie

Pescheria Il Faro, La Rivoluzione Delle Seppie