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Combining food and photography, Evicted Archive is a temporay monument to the defeat of eviction experienced by the tenants at the Rear of 40, Evering Road, London, in October 2022. Raising awerness about the experience of eviction, the event brough together two performances, Leftovers (Gaia Crocella) and Too Heavy to Carry (Mireia Ludevid), to create a space for reflection on the normalisation of forced mobility, through the memory living in photography and food. Evicted Archive was an experiment at opening up.

Meeting around that which is no longer whole can be a small recommoning of the experience of separation. This was what evicted archive intended to re-enact, bringing the memories of living together to the table. The focus on food and objects revealed unsuspected possibilities that emerged from being in a reshuffled place. It was a convivial exchange over reimagined leftovers and heavy objects that belonged to each of the tenants at the Rear of Evering Road.

The output of the event was a performative meal (Leftovers) that brought together evicted tenants, friends and visitors, casting light upon what we leave behind and what we decide to carry with us when forced to leave. Rhythmical, performative, shared and mimetic, the meal became the tool used to imagine new possibilities. Through a re-shuffled edible landscape, we created space for reflection on the current normalisation of forced mobility that happens within cities, and of which London is the epitome. The edible landscape was composed of the foods we bring with us when forced to move, evoking leftover memories of what a shared home once was.

“We should have acted differently but we did not imagine us able to.”

Evicted Tenants at rear of 40, Evering Road 

Recommoning the experience of separation

Rear of 40 Evering Road, London, UK

Gaia Crocella, Mireia Ludevid

Mireia Ludevid